Firefox 2.0 Released

Firefox 2.0 is ready and waiting for download.

Although right now you couldn't tell by doing an update check, Firefox 2.0 is ready and waiting for download, Secret Squirrel style.

At the moment, I'm playing the "OMG! My extensions don't work any more" game, but its not too bad. All my vital ones are working (Super DragAndGo, ColorZilla, FireBug, Greasemonkey, MeasureIt and Web Developer are all good to go. Tab Mix Plus has a dev build that works quite nicely); it's just the non-essentials that will have to play catch-up (I'm looking at you, Aardvark and CSSViewer).

2 comments on ‘Firefox 2.0 Released’

  1. How on earth did you find that out?!

    Seems like a pretty nice browser - the Mac version looks a lot nicer :)

    Firebug and Web Developer still work, which are my A-list plug-ins!

  2. Hey Trav! I think I first saw the <a href="" rel="nofollow">FTP link posted on Airbag</a> yesterday, but I downloaded from the <a href="" rel="nofollow">HTTP link posted at 456 Berea Street</a>.

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