Just call me Nostradamus

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I just found an old interview I gave for the local newspaper from 2002, back when the internet was still quite new. In the interview I was asked to predict what the internet would be like in 20 years.

It's only been 14 years, but already my prediction is so accurate it's spooky... apart from all the bits I got wrong, that is.

What's the future of the Internet? Where do you see it heading in 20 years?

I see the Internet being integrated in nearly every aspect of our lives. Television will beam Internet connections along with the TV signal. Our PCs will become part of our home theatre systems, but instead of popping in a CD or DVD, we'll choose from a world of songs or movies on the Internet. The line between sitting back and watching a TV show and interacting with the TV show will become blurred. That sort of thing.

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