Safari for Window, for like, realsies.

That’s right. Apple has shocked-and-awed me by announcing that as of the current version (3 Beta), Safari is now available for download as a native Windows application.

Well, when I say native, it still looks like it’s just a screenshot of an OSX app, gun-metal grey chrome and all. I wish it looked a little more like a windows app, especially with the way the Preferences window behaves, but for the first release, I’m quite pleased. Performance is good, and I find the HTML rendering to be very accurate. I don’t quite think I’m ready to switch from Firefox just yet, but it’s great to be able to test for Safari without firing up the Mac.

Update: Apple have since discontinued the native Windows version of Safari. Oh well.

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  1. The scary thing is it really doesn't look like a Windows application.

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